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Joy connects people with local services easily, showcasing measurable outcomes.

Approved by NHS
19.2 Million patients served
Used in 30% of PCNs
23% fewer GP appointments
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Supporting UK's care organisations. From individual GP surgeries to large ICBs.

Maximise the impact of your healthcare network

Primary Care Networks (PCN)

PCNs are at the frontline of patient care. Our platform enables PCNs to identify non-medical issues that affect patient health, such as social isolation, mental health and financial stress. By addressing these root causes, PCNs can improve patient outcomes, enhance the quality of care, and alleviate the burden on GP appointments.

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Integrated Care Boards (ICB)

ICBs play a crucial role in coordinating healthcare services across entire regions. By partnering with us, ICBs can implement comprehensive preventive measures that target social determinants of health, such as loneliness and financial stress. Our platform supports ICBs in creating a more resilient and healthier community, reducing long-term demand for urgent care and GP appointments.

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Local Authorities

Local authorities are pivotal in shaping community health and well-being. Partnering with us allows local authorities to offer targeted services for their specific community needs. By focusing on prevention, local authorities can foster stronger, healthier communities and optimise resource allocation.

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Our Products

Our Joy product suite offers prevention-based services across the UK healthcare system, ensuring every healthcare provider can promote a healthier future for all.

JoyConnect (Primary Care)
An app that integrates with any healthcare system, allowing staff to refer and signpost local services in just three clicks. 
GP Surgery
Primary Care
EMIS & SystmOne
A public referral system of over 20,000 services enabling quick referrals that connects patients with relevant services.
Service Providers
Voluntary Sector
Dedicated CMS which supports non-clinical teams to manage their caseload, appointments and capture outcomes.
Social Prescribing
Personalised Care Plan
JoyConnect (Universal)
A module that sits on top of Secondary Care and Council Systems that enables teams to refer and signpost relevant services easily.
JoyInsights Dashboard
An analytics tool that helps to measure the return on investment for preventative services, identify health inequalities and uncover gaps in service provision.
Real-time Stats
Team Manager
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Designed for safety and privacy

Safety and privacy are core values at Joy. We believe in safeguarding sensitive data to protect our clients' trust and reputation. Privacy ensures individuals' rights are respected, fostering confidence and autonomy in their digital interactions. Prioritising safety and privacy not only secures information but also builds lasting relationships based on trust and integrity.

25 thousand patients are referred through Joy each month

Joy is approved and trusted by NHS Digital and NHS England

20 thousand services listed on the Joy platform

Powerful health data

We empower care providers to address health inequalities and gaps in service provision.

Meaningful connection

We use technology to facilitate, not replace, human interaction by supporting communities to flourish.

Personalised care

We promote a holistic approach to health by emphasising personal values and enabling better self-care.

A digital ecosystem addressing the social determinants of health

One in five GP appointments are for non-medical reasons. Joy helps patients to create meaningful connections by connecting patients with their community and help health professionals deliver personalised care, addressing the wider social determinants of health.

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Our Products


Manage clients with our dedicated platform

Designed with personalised care teams, Joy supports all daily client-related activities, from case notes to referrals, whilst capturing valuable efficacy data.

All your clients in one place

Health and wellbeing outcome data

Integrated with EMIS & SystmOne

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Connect people to life-changing local services

Instantly refer clients to high-quality support on our marketplace of services, which automatically stays up to date.

Services continuously updated by Joy

Track referral status and outcomes

Integrates with other directories of services

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Public Health Analytics made simple

Measure the efficacy of preventive health initiatives, identify health inequalities and uncover gaps in service provision.

Real-time reporting and advanced filters

Organisation by organisation breakdown of activity

Performance stats on local service providers

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Sync with clinical records

Our systems integrate with EMIS and SystmOne to save time and reduce duplication of effort.
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For people creating positive change

Joy empowers people to reach their full potential and inspire others to thrive.

Joy has made such a difference in how I manage my cases. I no longer feel overwhelmed and feel that I am finally in control of my workload, so able to give better Social Prescribing support to patients across four busy surgeries.

Carolyn, Social Prescribing Link Worker, Wisbech PCN

We are really impressed with the way Joy captures and manages data in real time. This is really useful for us because it gives us valuable understanding as to where the needs are and where issues are likely to arise in the future.

MUSTAFA, Senior Public Health Practitioner, Wokingham Council

What's brilliant about Joy is that it's all there in one place. No more flipping back and forth between systems.

NICOLE, Social Prescribing Link Worker, Earley PCN

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Read some of the stories of how Joy helps people manage social prescribing cases, prevent unnecessary GP appointments and improve patients well being .

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