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Healthcare professionals use Joy to refer clients into proven activities and services.

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Why do health and social care teams use Joy?

To improve GP availability

1 in 5 of the appointments people make with GPs are for social health issues like loneliness or debt-related stress.

To reduce demand for social care

Community services could benefit 78% of people referred into adult social care.

To build communities

More than 45,000 community organisations are ready to welcome new referrals.

To make a measurable impact

Together, we can prove the effectiveness of social interventions.

How it works


Find the right community group

Granular search
Browse categories and apply filters to find services based an individual’s needs, location and what matters to them

Up-to-date listings
Joy was built around the needs of service providers to ensure they are incentivised to keep their information up to date


Make an instant referral

Seamless referrals
Healthcare professionals and carers can refer people to services directly on the Joy platform with standardised referral forms

Individuals and their carers can access services to reduce demand for stretched resources

Secure messaging
Service providers and referrers can communicate directly on the Joy platform to ensure referrals are made efficiently and securely


Measure your client's progress

Wellbeing assessments
Healthcare professionals can perform a short wellbeing assessment before and after a referral to measure the efficacy of services

Pragmatic ‘clinical trials’
Evidence from wellbeing assessments is used to identify the most impactful services. This data is fed into the Joy platform to help professionals make better referrals

Client reviews
Clients can review the services they access which are moderated to ensure they are fair and accurate

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