One of the main things that stands out to me is the ability to filter the information and pull out really specific data. It allows me to contact a group of people who, for example, have suffered a bereavement. I can then send them all information about a support group or a newsletter in one go. I find this so useful and it's something I couldn't ever do before.

Social Prescribing Link Worker
Wokingham South PCN

Joy has made a real difference to how I make referrals. What's brilliant about Joy is that it's all there in one place. No more flipping back and forth between systems and having to type the same information over and over.

Social Prescribing Link Worker
Earley PCN

Joy is helping us build our strategies for the future by providing key data to help us identify any gaps in provisions.
Using Joy helps our services to ultimately be more responsive to our vulnerable residents.

Senior Public Health Practitioner
Wokingham Council

Intuitive, simple, quick. I really like it, it's really simple and I can refer people when I'm with them. I don't need to put it on a list or add it as something to do later. I get the platform up when I'm with someone and refer them there and then so I know it's done.

Assessment Team
Adult Social Care Wokingham

We have been using the Joy referral system for over a year to link 100s of our constituents to local community services, often for mental health and wellbeing support, as well as advice services. We are also using Joy to receive referrals from Social Prescribers to Stephen’s constituency surgery and casework team, so that our office can support them with their various issues – such as housing and immigration matters. The system is very easy to use and helps us track the outcomes from referrals made, so that we can ensure none of our constituents fall through the gaps.

Stephen Timms' Office
House of Commons
Wokingham Council

Joy is a simple and easy to use, internal and external referral system, that has helped improve the referral process, as well as working together with our Social Prescribers and GPs. It's a very engaging, user-friendly and easy to use platform. It's also been incredibly useful and reduces the amount of work you need to do, by streamlining the referral process for our Osteostrong Psychophysical programme.


Joy has provided us with a simple, streamlined way to receive referrals and made it easier for health and social care professionals to find our service.  Streamlining referral sources will ultimately improve services for customers.  It would be great to see Joy rolled out more broadly across North East London.

Deborah Hayes
Director, Care & Services Development
Age UK East London

Joy has really helped to get our social prescribing relationship off the ground! Joy has helped streamline the referral process and has made collaborating with healthcare professionals much easier. It's such a user-friendly platform, which means I can amend my listing and extract key data in seconds. It's been so useful for me to receive referrals from across the Borough.

Bike Works
Wokingham Council

My experience so far has been nothing but positive. Since having access to the system I have seen a significant improvement in my capacity to keep on top of my case management, it has revolutionised my working practice. Being able to keep track of where I am with clients at a glance has made things so much easier and slightly less overwhelming, I can see when I have completed actions and also keep on top of tasks to do all in one place.

Katy Lawrence
Social Prescribing Link Worker, East Staffordshire PCN
Wokingham Council

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