Adding 10 years to life expectancy

Joy exists to add 10 years to life expectancy by addressing the social determinants of health. We know people don’t live in hospitals; they  live in communities. In fact, your postcode can have more impact on your health than your genetic code.

This is why we exist

Some key statistics


of health outcomes are driven by socio-economic factors

1 in 5

GP appointments are for non-clinical reasons


of people referred to Adult Social Care are signposted to a local community service


An effective ecosystem of support built on human connection

Meaningful connection

Technology is at its best when it facilitates – not replaces – meaningful human connection.

Building ecosystems

People often have multiple needs that require holistic support from different agencies across the community.

Showing results

By measuring the health benefits from social interventions we can unlock more funding for community organisations .

Being human

Digital systems need to be centred around people and their lives.

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