Adding 10 years to life expectancy

Joy exists to add 10 years to life expectancy by addressing the social determinants of health. We know people don’t live in hospitals; they  live in communities. In fact, your postcode can have more impact on your health than your genetic code.

The Joy Story

Patrick, Founder and CEO, launched Joy in 2019. The aim? To make social prescribing more accessible. This was Patrick's response to witnessing the peak of the loneliness epidemic among elderly people. Today, our Joy platform helps thousands of health professionals access preventative care options which will lead to better, longterm health outcomes for people across the UK.

The better way to address health

Countless studies have highlighted the significant impact of preventative healthcare interventions: improving overall health, mitigating risk factors, and even saving substantial costs across a population.

The current system of preventative services is fragmented though, and lacks data to prove the worth of the services. That’s where Joy comes in.

Our platform currently serves over 18 million patients and residents across the UK, spanning more than 2000 organisations engaged in social prescribing and health coaching at various levels including PCN, Local Authority, ICBs, and CVS.

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Our mission

We believe healthcare starts with prevention. That's why we're building Joy - the best way to connect people with communities, so they can live better, longer.

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Three reasons why we exist


80% of health outcomes are driven by socio-economic factors, including education, income, and social support. Addressing these determinants is crucial for improving public health and reducing health disparities.


20%, or one out of five, of GP appointments are for non-clinical reasons. Tackling these underlying issues can help alleviate pressure on healthcare services and improve overall well-being.


40% of emergency hospital admissions for chronic conditions like asthma, diabetes, and heart disease could be prevented with effective preventive care. This highlights the need for such initiatives to reduce hospital strain

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This is why we exist

Some key statistics


of health outcomes are driven by socio-economic factors

1 in 5

GP appointments are for non-clinical reasons


of people referred to Adult Social Care are signposted to a local community service

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Read some of the stories of how Joy helps people manage social prescribing cases, prevent unnecessary GP appointments and improve patients well being.

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An effective ecosystem of support built on human connection

Meaningful connection

Technology is at its best when it facilitates – not replaces – meaningful human connection.

Building ecosystems

People often have multiple needs that require holistic support from different agencies across the community.

Showing results

By measuring the health benefits from social interventions we can unlock more funding for community organisations .

Being human

Digital systems need to be centred around people and their lives.

Elevate Your Care Offering with Joy.

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