Joy Insights Dashboard

Public Health Analytics made simple

Measure the efficacy of preventive health initiatives, identify health inequalities and uncover gaps in service provision.


Visualise health and wellbeing data in real time

Joy aggregates data to highlight health inequalities and pinpoint needs in the community.

Advanced filtering by client demographics

Analysis of specific need categories

Ward-level breakdown of deprivation


Measure the impact of community organisations

Joy provides a birds eye view of activity occurring across the region.

Tracking of referral volumes

Breakdown of service impact on health and wellbeing

Analysis on key search terms to identify gaps in provision


Measure the performance of social prescribing services

Joy provides commissioners with the ability to track outcomes and activity across different social prescribing organisations.

Aggregated wellbeing outcomes by organisations

Productivity statistics

Joy benchmarks to compare performance versus targets

Other features

The Joy Insights App combines data from the various systems and presents them in an extensive dashboard with advanced search options.

Reduction in GP appointments
Source of referrals
Top services
Usage statistics
Search statistics
Joy training & support

What our customers say

We are really impressed with the way Joy captures and manages data in real time. This is really useful for us because it gives us valuable understanding as to where the needs are and where issues are likely to arise in the future.

Senior Public Health Practitioner
Wokingham Borough Council

Joy has helped us better understand the additional needs of the patients we are seeing. With this insight we have been able to establish new service offerings tailored to specific patient groups, such as dementia support.

Social Prescribing Link Worker
Earley PCN

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