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Connect people to life-changing local services

Instantly refer clients to high-quality support on our marketplace of services, which automatically stays up to date.

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Embedded referral forms and signposting

Joy integrates with various systems allowing referral forms to be auto-completed and sent to service providers in a few clicks

Track referral status and communicate with service providers

Track attendance, satisfaction and reviews

Signposting feature to send services to clients


A marketplace of services that’s always up to date

Joy takes responsibility for maintaining the marketplace and uses AI to ensure service information is accurate

Joy algorithm monitors information accuracy

Service providers can add and edit services

Team Joy investigates and amends listings


Integrate with external directories of services

Joy works cohesively with other directories and community development teams to ensure complete coverage in your area

Ingest information and push back to other directories

Embed Joy referral functionality on external platforms

Open Referral UK & Open Active data feeds


Supporting community organisations to flourish

Joy helps community organisations measure efficacy, demonstrate impact, and streamline processes

Data dashboard showcasing outcomes

Integrated with existing referral pathways

CRM for small organisations

Other features

The Joy Marketplace was designed to meet the needs of clients, service providers and referrers. It helps create better referral pathways and reduces the risk of clients falling through the cracks.

Ability to take payments
Self-referral pathways
Service access criteria checks
Messaging system
Customisable themes
Joy training & support
Joy makes a measurable difference*

Straightforward and easy to use


Clients referred through Joy are seven times more likely to attend a service, compared to traditional signposting techniques.


Faster referrals with Joy compared to traditional pathways, average of 5-mins to send a referral, down from 18-mins.


Joy was designed in collaboration with frontline health professionals

Joy, has made a real difference to how I make referrals. What's brilliant about Joy is that it's all there in one place. No more flipping back and forth between systems and having to type the same information over and over.
The fact that we've been able to customise questionnaires as well has been so helpful.

Social Prescribing Link Worker
Earley PCN

Referrals to other organisations is so easy, and so much quicker than filling in different referral forms or sending emails. The IT training and support has been fantastic from the outset.

Social Prescribing Link Worker
Wisbech PCN

Joy lets me follow a referral, something I couldn’t easily do before Joy, and therefore offer some timely support to the client if there is a barrier accessing a service.

Social Prescribing Link Worker
Wokingham South PCN

We have been using Joy to make sure that our clients can access the help and the support that they need. The app is easy to use, it is straightforward and it helps us greatly.

Chief Executive Officer
Age UK Berkshire
*Data is based on our 2020 pilot of Joy in Wokingham

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