JoyConnect is a better way to provide preventative care

JoyConnect is the new standard to refer and signpost to non-clinical interventions at scale. It helps divert pressure from overloaded appointments, optimising resources and enhancing patient care.

*For EMIS and SystmOne
Supporting UK's primary care organisations. From individual GP surgeries, to large PCNs.

A small but mighty tool built for prevention at scale

Designed for healthcare staff and built to address prevention at scale. JoyConnect provides staff with relevant non-clinical interventions to refer and signpost.

Refer and Signpost to local services

JoyConnect simplifies referrals, enabling GPs and staff to directly refer to both local community and national services while tracking progress effortlessly.

Signpost approved health apps

Access free NHS-approved apps and commissioned digital therapeutics.

Integration made easy

Start using JoyConnect in under 3 minutes. No lengthy integrations process required. Receive product updates automatically.

Receive proactive alerts

JoyConnect proactively alerts GPs to suggest non-clinical support for patients. It utilises NHS records and patient data, to suggest personalised local services.

Fast referrals and signposting

Effortlessly refer patients with pre-filled forms: Just a few clicks connect them to local services or approved health apps.

Pre-filled referral forms. Fill out only custom fields as JoyConnect automatically pre-fills all standard fields.
Synced with the patients EHR. Simply tick a box and the referral information will sync with the patient's record.
Hardcoded SNOMED codes. Include SNOMED codes from a standardised list for better documentation.
Multiple services at once. Signpost multiple service and digital health apps easily in one go.
Personalised message. JoyConnect creates a tailored message to speed up signposting and improve advocacy.
Automatic patient reminders. Send scheduled follow up messages to patients after signposting.

JoyConnect Insights

Receive proactive prompts to suggest non-clinical support for patients. JoyConnect utilises NHS records and patient data to surface personalised local services.

Personal. Customised for each patient, aiming to reinforce preventive care efforts.
Relevant. Get proactive prompts on patient insights, shown only when specific requirements are met.
Contextual. Insights are based on various factors including location, attendance and clinical data.
Timely. Designed to analise patient data across different time periods.
Actionable. Patient insights drive more holistic treatment choices.

The data speaks for itself.

Data suggests that shifting the focus on prevention and proactively referring into non-clinical services will defer pressure on your organisation.


of appointments could be redirected to a local service.


of a GP's time is with a patient whose health could be improved by accessing a preventative intervention


of patients take 40% of GP appointments, while a GP appointment is not always necessary.


of illness, disability, and premature deaths are due to preventable factors, such as lifestyle and social issues.

Designed for safety and privacy

Safety and privacy are core values at Joy. We believe in safeguarding sensitive data to protect our clients' trust and reputation. Privacy ensures individuals' rights are respected, fostering confidence and autonomy in their digital interactions. Prioritising safety and privacy not only secures information but also builds lasting relationships based on trust and integrity.

A tool built for health teams of any size

JoyConnect is a tool to remove care barriers. Powerful yet simple to use, it helps any team to refer and signpost faster and more often.

Primary Care Networks (PCN)

JoyConnect enables PCNs and their GP surgeries with a tool to reduce the number of 'frequent flyers' and ultimately free up GP time with better care navigation.

Local Authorities

JoyConnect helps raise awareness and streamlines referral pathways into local commissioned services to improve residents outcomes.

General Practices

JoyConnect makes referring and signposting faster and more efficient for all healthcare staff.

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JoyConnect Stories

Join many other organisations to boost preventive care efforts and enhance patient well-being.

Simple and efficient tool to enable clinicians and administration staff to do social prescribing referrals with ease.

Dr Rhys Lewis
PCN Co-Clinical Director /
Hope Farm Medical Centre GP Partner

JoyConnect works great alongside practice clinical systems, and opens doors to additional referral opportunities.

Sam Minshall
PCN Executive Administrator
One Ellesmere Port PCN

Prevention built for the future. Start now.