Joy Case Management System

Manage clients with our dedicated platform

Designed with personalised care teams, Joy supports all daily client-related activities, from case notes to referrals, whilst capturing valuable efficacy data.


Measure the impact of your social prescribing scheme

Joy makes it easy to evaluate social prescribing activities in your organisation and quantify the impact of your programme.

Wellbeing and GP appointment reduction

Social prescribing performance data

Client needs and demographic data


Stay organised with built-in tasks and scheduling

Create a daily to-do list

Schedule upcoming tasks and client contacts

Assign tasks to other team members


Triage new clients and track onward referrals

Joy offers a full view on referral status, allowing you to provide timely support to your client when it is needed.

Receive digital referrals and assign staff members

Instantly refer clients to local services with a few clicks

Track the status of referrals sent to other organisations

Other features

The Joy Case Management System is designed to empower frontline workers to focus their energy on clients, rather than admin work.

Collaborate with your team
Collect client feedback
Automated client prompts
Customisable care plan templates
Customisable health and wellbeing frameworks
Joy training & support

Joy was designed in collaboration with frontline health professionals

Joy has made such a difference in how I manage my cases. I no longer feel overwhelmed and feel that I am finally in control of my workload, so able to give better Social Prescribing support to patients across 4 busy surgeries.

Social Prescribing Link Worker
Wisbech PCN

Joy has made a real difference to how I make referrals. What's brilliant about Joy is that it's all there in one place. No more flipping back and forth between systems and having to type the same information over and over.

Social Prescribing Link Worker
Earley PCN

One of the main things that stands out to me is the ability to filter the information and pull out really specific data. It allows me to contact a group of people who, for example, have suffered a bereavement. I can then send them all information about a support group or a newsletter in one go. I find this so useful and it's something I couldn't ever do before.

Social Prescribing Link Worker
Wokingham South PCN

Joy is helping us build our strategies for the future by providing key data to help us identify any gaps in provisions.
Using Joy helps our services to ultimately be more responsive to our vulnerable residents.

Senior Public Health Practitioner
Wokingham Council

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