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Partnership Alert! Joy and Macmillan Cancer Support team up to make referrals easier

Joy is thrilled to announce a partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support. Rolling out over the next month, the Macmillan Cancer Support line will be embedded in the Joy GP app. Referrals can be made to Macmillan directly bringing a wealth of resources and support to individuals and families impacted by cancer diagnoses.


Empowering Patients Through Macmillan Cancer Support

The support line provides assistance and guidance to those with cancer and those directly impacted by a cancer diagnosis. When referred, the individual will receive a direct call from one of the advisors who will assess their needs and offer the relevant support options. Macmillan Cancer Support offers a wide range of services with our partnership making them more accessible to reach:

  • Managing Financial Concerns: Coping with the financial pressures of a cancer diagnosis can be challenging. Macmillan's experts provide guidance and support to help individuals navigate this often-overwhelming aspect of their journey.
  • Compassionate Support for Emotional Wellbeing: Emotional support is a fundamental part of the cancer care journey. Macmillan's team offers a listening ear, understanding, and guidance to help individuals and their families navigate the emotional challenges they may face.
  • Expertise in Welfare Rights: Understanding and accessing the welfare rights and benefits available for individuals with cancer can be complex. Macmillan's team specialises in this field, ensuring that patients receive the financial support they deserve.

In 2022, Macmillan made an enormous impact by:

  • Supporting 113,000 individuals through the support line, email, or webchat 
  • Delivering money and work support to 44,000 people through their welfare rights, financial guidance, and energy advice team 

While Macmillan Cancer support provides a wide range of services to individuals with cancer and their families, it is important to note that it is not a referral route for local palliative or face to face care.

Join Us at Joy to Reach Comprehensive Support for Cancer Patients

"We're passionate about making it easier for patients to access valuable local services. Embedding the Macmillan pathway within the GP Clinical Systems is a significant step towards achieving this. Through this partnership, we'll be able to support Macmillan to reach more people, delivering essential support to cancer patients and their loved ones."

At Joy we’re passionate about enhancing the quality of healthcare and support available to everyone. Our partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support is a testament to this commitment. By making Macmillan Support Line directly accessible through the Joy GP app, we are taking a significant step towards ensuring that individuals and their families have access to the comprehensive support they need during their cancer journey.

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